Private Military Contractors


  1. First PMC (Private Military Contractors)
  2. Special Consultancy Services
  3. Special Government Assistance
  4. Global Digital Assistance
  5. Security Services
  6. Specialized Information Bureau
  7. Forensic-Investigative Assistance
  8. Digital Dominance Services


As consultants we come with decades of experience with live and large systems to help you identify your needs that can transform and help you transition from legacy state to digitized, enabled and secure platforms for effective and efficient business development


Designing and proper understanding of the requirement is the first step in System Design. Our Management consultants are tuned to identify the System Processes, identify gaps, suggest process change and help our associates manage change as a gradual and stable process


Legacy Systems are hard to replace howsoever archaic they may be. We help organizations transform in a smooth and resilient way into the next generation systems and efficeint processes


Our team of developers have over three decades of experience in programming in almost 17 languages today. Our developers speak the language of computer and have the capability to code what you can dream.


Some of the well-defined processes are required in almost every business. Employee Management, Visitors Management, Attendance, SAP, Inventory and Logistic Management and many such services are easily deployable with minor customization.


IWhile adequate importance is meted to the security of the IT Systems, no design is full proof and is likely to develop gaps over a period of time. We conduct detailed IT Audit of Information Systems including the process gaps and human weaknesses.


We provide Security Services both in physical as well as Digital platform using sophisticated devices to high value assets and entities globally.


Our State of the Art Labs spread globally deploy cutting edge frameworks to assist LEAs and Security Agencies globally to identify threats and mitigate them


We provide all kinds of services from Digital Support to covert as well as overt services to our clients in any part of the globe. Security and secrecy is our USP in this domain of military contracting


We plan the entire activities end to end starting from the reconnaissance to the kinetic engagements. We devise strategic plans and help our clients to execute the same for global good.


We Comply with the global regulations concerning the domain. We help Law Enforcement and Security Agencies to operate in domains that are normally inaccessible and difficult to operate upon